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Meeting Your Personal, Family Needs

Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren P.C. can meet your personal and family needs in ways that many traditional tax preparers cannot. Whether you are preparing for retirement or you are wanting to maximize your take home pay, Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren P.C. can help you achieve your goals.

Personal Tax Preparation

At Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren P.C., we understand that the opportunity to save taxes means as much to the individual and to the family as it does to the business owner.  That is why we specifically cater our Personal Tax Preparation services to those who live and work in special circumstances:

  • Young Professionals
  • High-Salaried Professionals
  • Two Wage-Earner Households
  • First-time Parents
  • College Savers
  • Wealth-Building Families
  • Estate and Lifetime Gift Planning
  • New Residents to Alabama
  • Overseas Earners
  • Small Contractors Earning 1099 Compensation
  • Passive Activity Participants  (K-1's) 
  • Rental Home Owners

Our philosophy is aggressive, but conservative. We assume that prosperity is achieved through responsibility, stewardship and acting aggressively on opportunities when they present themselves.  Our goal is to ensure that every client, both personal and business, can take advantage of every tax and financial opportunity available.

We offer to our individual and family taxpayers competitive rates on year-end tax preparation so we can concentrate on adding value to your journey towards building wealth.  Contact our office to find out how our Personal Tax Preparation services can help you reach your goals. 

Estate & Gift Planning

An effective estate plan is an essential component to your family's security.  Our estate planning will assure that, upon your death, your assets are distributed pursuant to your wishes and any estate tax burden is minimized or eliminated altogether.  We work closely with your attorney to ensure your estate plan is structured correctly to protect your family from unnecessary taxation and undue financial hardship.

We can help you:

  • Identify your estate planning goals
  • Understand your planning options
  • Create a plan that minimizes your tax liability and preserves your family's financial and emotional security
  • Implement sophisticated strategies to protect your estate from undue taxation
  • Develop a succession plan for your family-owned business
  • Develop a charitable giving plan
  • Fund estate planning trusts and provide ongoing compliance
  • Monitor the growth of your estate

IRS Representation

We understand how intimidating it can be when a client is faced with an examination by the IRS.  Our experience in representation before the IRS and the State of Alabama can alleviate your fears and concerns if you are selected for examination.  We can deal directly with IRS agents as well as collecting and organizing the information they request.  We have access to the same research and case laws used by the IRS to justify their positions and we can assist you in fortifying your defense.  We also have access to former IRS agents who can help us develop a strategy for your position.

Our services include full representation before state and local tax agencies and cover a variety of tax issues.  Here is how we can help:

  • File delinquent tax returns in response to IRS inquiry
  • Respond to IRS letters and correspondence requesting corroborative evidence
  • Perform cost basis research
  • File offers-in-compromise
  • File installment agreements

Retirement Planning

Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren P.C. can work with your investment advisors to ensure that you are meeting your retirement goals.  It is no coincidence that almost all incentives to save for retirement are tax related.  We can help keep you informed of how your retirement savings will be impacted or minimized by various retirement strategies.

  • IRA Rollover and Distribution Planning
  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • Small Business Owner Retirement Planning
  • Lifetime Tax Planning
  • Tax-Advantaged Savings Options

Personal Financial Decisionmaking

Seaman, Shinkunas & Lindgren P.C. can assist you in a variety of personal financial issues to help you achieve your goals.  We can work closely with your investment advisor as they develop a lifetime approach to meeting your financial goals.  We can also assist you in analyzing major personal financial decisions.

  • Personal financial statements
  • Personal budgeting
  • Real estate investments
  • Second home purchasing decisions
  • Charitable planning
  • Education planning
  • Debt Management
  • Income Protection and Asset Preservation

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